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Welcome to my blog!  I am Kim Heartfelt, the co-host of the radio program “Dream, Live, Love” on

We offer a variety of guests and fun conversation and topics.  We love to laugh and we enjoy what we do.  We want you to be a part of our community.

We are entering our 2nd season and are very excited.  We will be having discussions on cooking, setting goals, time and budget management and even a special guest from Hell’s Kitchen.  You won’t want to miss this new season!

As always, we take calls from our regular callers.  If you would like to be a regular caller, go to and fill out the form.

If you have any show ideas that you think we would be interested in using for future programs, please contact us to let us know.  You can go the Awaken Revolution website, or contact MeshugaMama on Facebook or Twitter.  Or, you can email me at:

I hope you like my blog.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Kim Heartfelt

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We’re Back!

Well, my daughter and I are back from Arizona.  We did two dance workshops and it was very well received.  What a fun way to minister your gifts and love on people.

When we move in the giftings God has given us, it does damage to the enemy’s camp.  It increases the Kingdom of God and makes the path, for those who hearts God has prepared, to receive the word He has for them.

Move in what God has gifted you with today.  If you have the spirit of prophesy, speak it out.  If you have the gift of healing, speak out healing over those you meet.  If you have the gift of miracles, let them manifest.  (I bet you’ll have a crowd around you!)

Whatever your gift is, let God use you today to change the world.  Isn’t that one of the reasons we are here?

I would love to hear what you sense God has gifted you with.  What things do you see yourself doing for the Kingdom?

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Off To Dance!

Well, my daughter and I are off to do 2 dance workshops in AZ.  This has been one of my dreams for many years.  Girded up with lots of prayer and an expectancy that God is in this whole thing, we go by faith to see what He has already prepared for us.

Keep your dreams alive and God will meet you in a way more than you expect.  Don’t give up!

When we return, Matthew Lowell and I will be doing a “Dream, Live, Love” special episode.  We will have as our guests, Andy and Janine Mason, from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  This will be an exciting program, so keep your eye out for the program on Dream Culture.  Go to: and it will have the schedule of our shows that we are currently producing.  Don’t forget to check out “The Matthew Lowell Show” on YouTube.  Matthew is thoroughly enjoyable and you will love getting to know him.

There are a lot of new things happening, so stay tuned to Awaken Revolution.  We have so many new fun things to offer our listeners.

I will let you know what happens from this weekend.



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God’s Heart

My heart is grieved over how many people don’t know the loving God that I know.  Because of His holiness, many think of Him as intolerant and mean.  Because He is holy, He cannot change.  This is good news!  We don’t have to guess what His will is and what He expects of us.

We are the ones who have to change.  Again, this is good news!  We don’t have to be the same person as we are now.  We can get better and better as we let the Holy Spirit move in us.

Take time today to find out who God really is.  He is better than we think.


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Monday Morning Blues

So, it’s Monday.  Are you excited?!  (Monday, Monday, da da da da da da…)  Anyone remember the Mamas and the Papas?

Oh sure, Kim.  Life is real fun every week going to a job I hate, working with people (okay, I won’t say it) and doing things for an employer who really doesn’t give a rip about me.  Sound familiar?  How many of us work too many hours for too little pay and too little appreciation?  Do you sometimes fantasize about going into your employer’s office and jumping on his, or her, desk and sing “Take this job and shove it”?

If you are stuck in this situation, it’s time for a change.  God has more for you than wasting your life in a job you hate.  If you hate where you’re at, then it is God’s way of saying you need to do what He created you to do.  If you don’t know what that is, then you NEED to spend some time with Him and ask what it is you were created for.

(Okay shoppers, go to the blue light special and check into our “Dream Department”!)

Dreams are an indicator of the direction you are supposed to go.  If you have forgotten your dreams, spend time with God and He will start to reveal what they are.

Jonas Salk, the person who discovered penicillin, said, “A dream is a blueprint to your ultimate achievements”.  Use your dreams to go toward who you really are.

Now, wouldn’t that make Mondays look better?

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Our New Dog

We have a new dog.  She wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  Her personality is too energetic and she has bad vices (nipping at heels, jumping on people, having accidents in the house).  But, because I have been spending a lot of time with her, she is growing on me.  She is a very sweet dog and there is not a mean bone in her body.

I thought about how this can apply to people who are not our favorite people.  They do things like, pick their nose, bite their fingernails, have body order, scratch in places you would rather not mention, you know who I mean.  But, when we spend time with them, the Lord seems to change our hearts.  We start seeing others through His eyes and our hearts are softened.

Take some time today and pray for those people who are not your favorites.  Then, when you run into them, your heart may have been changed enough to actually enjoy their company.  Okay, maybe not some people, but at least you won’t run the other direction when they walk by you on the street.

Bless those who are not a blessing.

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Dance Workshops

I don’t know how many of you know that I offer dance workshops.  I do Israeli and Messianic folkdance.

This is a wonderful form of expression of worship.  I have been doing dance ministry for over 25 years and it has been one of the most exciting things in my life.  If you have never experienced dance as a form of worship, I believe you are missing out on one of God’s greatest gifts.  Of course, this is my opinion, but as we all know, I am right.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to host a dance workshop, please leave a comment on my blog or you can email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments concerning dance as worship.

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We’re Almost Done!

When I see the signs of the times, I know that Yeshua is coming back very soon.  All the stuff we are going through now is sooooo temporary.  You know the stuff I mean.  Things like, the toothpaste lid is off again, the laundry is all over the floor, you know all the stuff that is your spouse’s fault.  (Okay, just kidding.)

But, we do go through stuff.  Some stuff is unimportant like the toilet seat lid is up again.  (I think you see the things that bug me.)  And some stuff is much harder, death in family, divorce or children out in rebellion.  All these things are temporary.  Whether we are going through the unimportant stuff or the hard stuff, it’s almost over.  We’re almost done!  Hallelujah!

Keep your eyes on the mark of the High calling of God.  He is returning soon and He has his reward with him!  Oh, people.  If we could really have these words be a reality in our life, it would revolutionize who we are.  God wants his word to be a reality for us.  God is not given to speaking idle words.  If He said it, it is true and will come to pass.

What a guarantee!


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Grace for the Day

As I write in this blog, I try to use things that God is showing me in my own life.

We all are a work in progress.  I did something recently that was a mistake and I had to ask for forgiveness.  It is especially bad when you do it to someone who you really care about.  As I said, we ALL are a work in progress.

When we make mistakes, whether they are intentional or not, we need forgiveness and grace.  Forgiveness and grace shows God’s love to others.  At one time or another, each one of us need this and we need to extend it to others.  It humbles us and keeps us sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

If you have experienced this lately, give yourself and others the grace and forgiveness needed to go on.


If we repent, God is faithful to forgive us.  He knows our hearts and wants us to be free.   Don’t keep beating yourself up over a past mistake.  If you have asked God for forgiveness, he does not remember your sin as far as the east is from the west.

Be blessed today!


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Matthew Lowell Show is Up and Running!

I wanted to announce that the Matthew Lowell Show is up and running!  You can find his shows on YouTube or go to:

Matthew is honest and funny and I know you will love getting to know him.  Please subscribe to his YouTube channel and leave your comments.  We really want to know what you think.

Have a very blessed day!


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Shout It Out!

Okay, so I am feeling a bit crazy (or meshuga) today.  On my Facebook page, I suggested everyone stand outside and shout, “This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!”  What?  You’re asking me if I did this?  Hold on…….waiting, waiting waiting.

Okay, I’m back.  Yes, I just did it!  (I think my neighbors think I’m nuts.)  Crazy?  Maybe.  But, if we can get over ourselves and do crazy things, how much could we influence the environment around us?  How much could we influence our community?  How much could we influence our own family by bringing some joy into each day by doing crazy stuff to glorify the Lord?

When we say something out loud, it really changes the atmosphere around us.  Speak out the solution!  If you’re going through financial struggles, say, “My God shall supply all my needs according to his glorious riches in Messiah Yeshua”.  If you are feeling depressed, sad or angry declare, “The joy of the LORD is my strength.”  If you are sick speak out, “By His stripes I am healed!”

For every circumstance that you are going through right now, God has an answer.  Speak it out!  Or better yet, shout it out!  Let the devil know who owns your day.  You do not belong to him, you were purchased with a price by Yeshua who paid for it all!


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