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Bad News

Ever get bad news and it ruins your whole day?

Well, I received news yesterday that wasn’t fun.  It hit me pretty hard, so I was off balance (spiritually speaking) for awhile.  I went to a local church last night to help with a ministry team.  After I came back, I felt a lot better.

When we are feeling pressed on all sides, see who there is around you that you can encourage.  It won’t make the circumstances go away (at least not right away) but it will help you not go down into a pit.  God sees your circumstances and He DOES have an answer.

Take a “time out” today.  Take some time and go out and “clean out your head”, as my friend used to say.  Let God fill you up today and refresh your soul.  Let’s face it, you really need it.  And don’t you deserve it?  I’ll answer for you, “Yes You Do!”

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