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We’re Almost Done!

When I see the signs of the times, I know that Yeshua is coming back very soon.  All the stuff we are going through now is sooooo temporary.  You know the stuff I mean.  Things like, the toothpaste lid is off again, the laundry is all over the floor, you know all the stuff that is your spouse’s fault.  (Okay, just kidding.)

But, we do go through stuff.  Some stuff is unimportant like the toilet seat lid is up again.  (I think you see the things that bug me.)  And some stuff is much harder, death in family, divorce or children out in rebellion.  All these things are temporary.  Whether we are going through the unimportant stuff or the hard stuff, it’s almost over.  We’re almost done!  Hallelujah!

Keep your eyes on the mark of the High calling of God.  He is returning soon and He has his reward with him!  Oh, people.  If we could really have these words be a reality in our life, it would revolutionize who we are.  God wants his word to be a reality for us.  God is not given to speaking idle words.  If He said it, it is true and will come to pass.

What a guarantee!


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