Life filled dreams with a Messianic perspective

Off To Dance!

Well, my daughter and I are off to do 2 dance workshops in AZ.  This has been one of my dreams for many years.  Girded up with lots of prayer and an expectancy that God is in this whole thing, we go by faith to see what He has already prepared for us.

Keep your dreams alive and God will meet you in a way more than you expect.  Don’t give up!

When we return, Matthew Lowell and I will be doing a “Dream, Live, Love” special episode.  We will have as our guests, Andy and Janine Mason, from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  This will be an exciting program, so keep your eye out for the program on Dream Culture.  Go to: and it will have the schedule of our shows that we are currently producing.  Don’t forget to check out “The Matthew Lowell Show” on YouTube.  Matthew is thoroughly enjoyable and you will love getting to know him.

There are a lot of new things happening, so stay tuned to Awaken Revolution.  We have so many new fun things to offer our listeners.

I will let you know what happens from this weekend.



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Monday Morning Blues

So, it’s Monday.  Are you excited?!  (Monday, Monday, da da da da da da…)  Anyone remember the Mamas and the Papas?

Oh sure, Kim.  Life is real fun every week going to a job I hate, working with people (okay, I won’t say it) and doing things for an employer who really doesn’t give a rip about me.  Sound familiar?  How many of us work too many hours for too little pay and too little appreciation?  Do you sometimes fantasize about going into your employer’s office and jumping on his, or her, desk and sing “Take this job and shove it”?

If you are stuck in this situation, it’s time for a change.  God has more for you than wasting your life in a job you hate.  If you hate where you’re at, then it is God’s way of saying you need to do what He created you to do.  If you don’t know what that is, then you NEED to spend some time with Him and ask what it is you were created for.

(Okay shoppers, go to the blue light special and check into our “Dream Department”!)

Dreams are an indicator of the direction you are supposed to go.  If you have forgotten your dreams, spend time with God and He will start to reveal what they are.

Jonas Salk, the person who discovered penicillin, said, “A dream is a blueprint to your ultimate achievements”.  Use your dreams to go toward who you really are.

Now, wouldn’t that make Mondays look better?

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New Stuff

I wanted to let everyone know that my co-host, Matthew Lowell, has started his new Vlog!  We are excited about the changes that God is putting into our lives.  I will let you know when it is up and running.

I think you’ll really enjoy getting to know Matthew.  He is entertaining and funny.  I think you’ll enjoy the honesty and openess he exudes.

Please let us know what you think when they are released.  If you can’t wait, just keep your eyes opened to:    They should be up soon.

Okay, this is just too much fun!

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